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It’s all too easy to call Wil Wright a genius or a Renaissance man, and yet those labels have become so clichéd that it almost seems frivolous to do so. Still, given the breadth and depth of Wright’s musical abilities, the designations are well deserved.

- Lee Zimmerman, Blank Newspaper

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William Wright (b.1980) is a composer of contemporary concert music and film scores with an advanced credential in Orchestration for Film and Television from Berklee College of Music.

Also multi-instrumentalist and Gezellig Records recording artist, Wright’s work has been sold, streamed, screened and performed around the world. William has held composer residencies with Theatre Knoxville Downtown, Tanasi Winds, Enjoy The Silents Film Series, Scruffy City Film Festival and most recently, Roane Choral Society and Scruffy City Orchestra. Wright’s Gezellig Records debut, Salt Mass, has been sold and streamed in 28 countries, and his most recent feature film score, for director Jordan Noel’s award-winning apocalyptic drama This World Alone, can currently be experienced on Hulu.

In 2021, William was honored by the faculty of Milan Italy’s Screen Music Program as the 2021 recipient of their top prize, “Best Composer for the Screen.” In 2022, Wright was selected  for the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Center for Theater, where he composed music for new works by talent including puppeteers from Sesame Street and Apple +'s Fraggle Rock.

As of summer 2022, Wright is working on multiple feature film projects and new contemporary classical works.
Composer - National Puppetry Conference
Score Composer - An Awful Thing Has Gone and Happened, Feature Film
Score Composer - Guacamole Yesterdays, Feature Film
Score Composer - Bequeathed, Puppet Theater
Make Me New Again - for chamber ensemble, commissioned by The Maker City Council
Provincetown - for wind quintet, premiered by Tanasi Winds
Recipient, "Best Composer For The Screen" - Screen music Program (Milan, Italy)
Score Composer + Sound Designer - Conservation Crew, Children's TV Pilot
Score Composer - The Recipients, Short Film
Composer Residency (Scruffy City Orchestra)
Childhood Is The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies - orchestral work, premiered by Scruffy City Orchestra
CONCORDIA - for choral and chamber trio, commissioned by Roane Choral, ORCMA and Knoxtet
A COMPLETE FAILURE OF HUMANITY! - for chamber trio, premiered at The International New Music Festival (Russia)
Arrays - new and selected works collage, premiered at The International New Music Festival (Russia)
Composer Residency (Roane Choral Society)
Composer Residency (Oak Ridge Civic Music Association)
Big Ears Music Festival Performance
Feature Composer (Knoxferatu/Enjoy The Silents)
Composer Residency (Tanasi Winds)
Composer Residency (Theater Knoxville Downtown)
SALT MASS: a Hookland Suite - debut release on Gezellig Records
Feature Composer (Scruffy City Film Festival)
Score Composer -This World Alone, Feature Film
Score Composer - Until You Go, Short Film
Score Composer -Yours/Tuyos, Short Film
Score Producer - Remastered, Doc Miniseries by DesignSensory
Score Composer - COME BACK: LiL iFFy's Final Spell, Short Doc
Score Composer - Magic Is Everywhere, Short Doc
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